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Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs are driven and possess traits that every business owner must have - all these make up YOU, an entrepreneur!


Often compared to an Eagle, you have a quality of being honest and of strong principles.


Always caring for others, you show strong feelings for everything that you believe in.


No matter what is thrown your way, you can bounce back and recover quickly.


You weigh the facts, and stand firm in your decisions, unwavering to change.


Upbeat and positive is how you tackle every aspect of your life and business.


Continually think outside the box and use creative ways to run your business.


Never settle, always dreaming about what could be and how to make it come true!


Never give up and committed to your business, every single day, hour, minute.


You are able to roll with the punches and make whatever comes your way work.

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Success Stories

These successful women share their stories, struggles, and conquered feats!

Tracy Gibb,
The Marketing Shop

Tracy was destined to become an entrepreneur, having watched her father run a successful business for more than 30 years.

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Tina Read,
Sunrise Massage

Tina started her own massage business when she was unable to find an employer that was close to her home. . .

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Claire Albright,
Orange County Marketing

Claire began her business to help put her son through college, and realizing that she needed more for retirement, she quickly got to work. . .

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